Papa Bear's Micro Treasures

These images are the first in a series I call "David's Micro Treasures". The images are photomicrographs of micro mineral specimens from my own collection taken through a microscope at a magnification of 30X. The mineral specimens are iridescent hematite from Graves Mountain, Lincoln County, Georgia. It is awesome to realize that such beauty is NOT man made but occurs naturally. Kind of looks like a Christmas ornament.

iredescent hematite 1

iredescent hematite 2

Mineral Art Exhibit

I have fifteen of my mineral art paintings on display at the Grayson Branch public library in Grayson, Georgia. I have attached a photograph of the exhibit. They have a really nice space in which to display art.


A Beautiful Mineral Image

I wanted to share a beautiful photomicrograph of the mineral Wufenite. This image was taken through a microscope at the tiny mineral specimen. The light was just right to make the crystal appear to glow.

number 1004 Rawley mine reduced in size


My publisher, Andborough Books, has released the rights to Adventures of Piffels the Elf Volume One and Two, back to me. I just have to sign the form.
So - if you've been wanting to get one but haven't - grab one NOW on amazon because I don't know how much longer they'll be there.
I am going to be pursuing republication - hopefully including ebooks - but don't know how long that process will take. So again, if you've been wanting one for yourself or a friend - NOW is the time.
I'll keep you posted on republication.

For any who might not know, it is "Adventures of Piffels the Elf and Adventures of Piffels the Elf Volume Two - Battle or the Elfin Realms".

Wearing Boogie Shoes

Well I have been wearing boogie shoes today! In the morning I did some banking, went to a large warehouse store (Sam's Club) to buy berries (Bears do have to have berries!), then to another big department store to pick up some medical stuff and a toaster for my daughter. Then off to a big hardware store to buy a gift card for my son in law. Then to the barber shop to get my hair cut. Then home to have lunch. (Yummy chicken with onions, garlic and green pepper gravy. Yepper I DO cook!) Then off to buy groceries. Home to put everything away and then off to a local park to fly model airplanes for a half hour. Home for harp practice and now i am getting ready for a Christmas party with a mineral society I am a member of. Yep definitively wearing boogie shoes today.

A Good Book

I am reading a fabulous book about the Battle of Britain during WWII. The book title is: With Wings Like eagles. Written by: Michael Korda.

Latest Mineral Painting

I want to share my latest mineral painting. This one is the mineral Crocoite, a lead, chromium oxide, from the Red Lead Mine, Dundas Mineral Field, Zeehan District, Tasmania, Australia. The painting is executed in watercolor and Prismacolor colored pencil on 140 Lb Langton Prestige watercolor paper. Image size is 14 X 19 inches. The actual mineral specimen is a mineral micromount. The painting was executed from the microscope at a magnification of 30X.



My second book, Adventures of Piffels the Elf, Volume Two: Battle for the Elfin Realms, is now up on Barns and Noble.com I wanted to let everyone know in case you are interested in buying the book.


There is an apparent glitch in the Amazon.com listing of my new book Adventures of Piffels the Elf Volume 2: Battle for the Elfin Realms. You will need to enter my name in the Amazon search window to get the book listing to come up. The book is in the Amazon system. I wanted to let everyone know about this glitch in case you were thinking of buying the book. Hopefully this glitch is corrected soon. You can still buy the book as it IS in the Amazon system.